Eggs with melted marshmallows

Camera 360

Want to spice up the all-time boring morning scrambled eggs ? Just add in marshmallows! The sweet scent from the soft marshmallows adds a new taste to the classic breakfast, but be careful not to include too many marshmallows. You will not want sugared eggs. The ratio should be two eggs is to two to three pieces of marshmallows. (I love how the tinge of sweetness blends in the protein!) If preferred, you may enjoy it with any kinds of sauce!


1. Simply mix well the ingredients from a regular scrambled eggs receipe well in a bowl while the butter is melting in a pan.

2. Pour in the mixture and drop the fluffy marshmallows in.

3. Keep stirring until the marshmallows have completely melted. (There will be a light sweet scent in the air when it is done.)

4. Hop onto your bed and serve it into your mouth!


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