Nutella-dipped Fries








Mac Donald’s is famous for its fries and we spent part of our childhood dipping fries into a Vanilla cone. I have made a bigger, more delicious discovery; Nutella-dipped Fries! It is just so heavenly that it is a must-try for everyone! It might sound dry and heaty, but the grease from the fries brings out the chocolatey taste and blends well with it. Any fries go well but Mac Donald’s ones are recommended for its distinctive taste.

Let me tell you, folks if you have not tried it, you simply missed out in life.

The annual Canadian National Exhibition held in Toronto had a booth selling something similar; Nutella-covered sweet potato fries, and Sweet potato with Nutella and peanut butter is in the menu from Fresh Fries.

Recently found out that Ariana Grande loves this combination too. (Seriously, it’s not too bad.)

So make yourself comfortable on the couch and indulge yourself in Nutella-dipped Fries!


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