Coffee plus apple juice!

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What do you get if you add coffee into apple juice? Well, that’s our topic today!

Do you know that apples perk people up better than caffeine does? It does and this is how it works!

So it simply means that it is a double combo for coffee and apple juice!

Decided to go real crazy this time and tried out this combination and once again, another amazing receipe is out! Have tried out different proportions and came to a conclusion that it is all up to your preference. If you like the coffee to be stronger, then simply increase the amount of coffee. I like mine to be at the same ratio as there is a balance of both flavors. You may use fresh apple juice but I used Peel Fresh so the first taste that I savored was sourness then followed by the fragrance of coffee. It is recommended to add sugar into the coffee first if not, it will be really bitter.

Coffee with milk will not work in this, so people, only black coffee or Americano.

And for those who think that this is a disgusting and gross combination, check out this Apple Spiced Coffee Cake and Apple Coffee Cake with Crumble Topping, Brown Sugar Glaze and Country Apple Coffee Cake. Don’t they look yummy and mouth-watering?

Shout out to all the adventurous eaters out there, Coffee with Apple Juice is another must-try!


Eggs with melted marshmallows

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Want to spice up the all-time boring morning scrambled eggs ? Just add in marshmallows! The sweet scent from the soft marshmallows adds a new taste to the classic breakfast, but be careful not to include too many marshmallows. You will not want sugared eggs. The ratio should be two eggs is to two to three pieces of marshmallows. (I love how the tinge of sweetness blends in the protein!) If preferred, you may enjoy it with any kinds of sauce!


1. Simply mix well the ingredients from a regular scrambled eggs receipe well in a bowl while the butter is melting in a pan.

2. Pour in the mixture and drop the fluffy marshmallows in.

3. Keep stirring until the marshmallows have completely melted. (There will be a light sweet scent in the air when it is done.)

4. Hop onto your bed and serve it into your mouth!

Nutella-dipped Fries








Mac Donald’s is famous for its fries and we spent part of our childhood dipping fries into a Vanilla cone. I have made a bigger, more delicious discovery; Nutella-dipped Fries! It is just so heavenly that it is a must-try for everyone! It might sound dry and heaty, but the grease from the fries brings out the chocolatey taste and blends well with it. Any fries go well but Mac Donald’s ones are recommended for its distinctive taste.

Let me tell you, folks if you have not tried it, you simply missed out in life.

The annual Canadian National Exhibition held in Toronto had a booth selling something similar; Nutella-covered sweet potato fries, and Sweet potato with Nutella and peanut butter is in the menu from Fresh Fries.

Recently found out that Ariana Grande loves this combination too. (Seriously, it’s not too bad.)

So make yourself comfortable on the couch and indulge yourself in Nutella-dipped Fries!